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We have seen, the competition is high in the MLM/Network Marketing industry today. New programs are popping up teamworkevery day promising the proverbial ‘Pot Of Gold’ by just sliding your credit card and no work is involved. No sponsoring, no phone calling, no selling, no advertising, no nothing – Just buy product every month and in less than a year you will be an instant $Millionaire! We have seen this in some MLM motivation articles and home business papers lately.

Well, we know more than likely that is not going to happen. It defies the basic law of network marketing and that is: E + E = R –  Energy plus Effort equals Results. And you can add a little money into the equation also. Seasoned professionals are very aware of this fact and the really smart ones capitalize on it and heres how.

Used to be, people who jump from program to program where called ‘MLM Junkies’. Back in the day when cash flowed like water, programs where relatively cheap to join and the market was not flooded with choices. Oh, and a key point here – Most programs where ‘Reputable’ and did not hit and run as some do today. To us, the MLM Junkie had value. They would get excited, bring in a a few qualified members and stay active for at least 6 months. Their downstream would grow and a little money would be generated each month, and that was a good thing but we wanted to retain them also.

Power Builders could spot these people early on and knew what to do. In the old days we would phone the MLM company we where in and request a ‘Downline Print Out’. An awesome tool if used correctly that could greatly accelerate our business. We would go through our print out and write down the members who where regularly sponsoring people into their business and noting the people THEY sponsored who where actively sponsoring people. Paying special attention to the MLM Junkies people they sponsored, we would make personal contact with those people by phone and if possible meeting with them, and help them with ideas and sometimes perks. We would show them how to sponsor more people and move more product. Since they had proven their self  by their business building activity they where a good investment. This worked out great and is only one of many ways to use your downstream stats. Think about this.

Looking at the big picture here you can see what happens. We would get the attention of the MLM Junkie because his income would increase so he would start to do more and not be so quick to bail out into another program or start put less time into the other programs he was in, in favor of ours. We would be able to focus a little energy on his people who had potential, keep our downstream growing and overall stop any potential for attrition before it became a possibility. It always amazed me at how receptive these people where to the knowledge and attention we would give them and the return was always positive for everyone. Some have become years long friends and current business associates.

Today, the hyper-marketing of many programs out there can turn many peoples energy away from their primary network marketing business by the promise of someone else doing all the work and getting instant income for doing little to nothing for it. Most of the people who would fall for this are not what we used to call MLM Junkies. Because of the economic conditions today many are looking for quick results – And that is where you come in.

To keep your retention high and attrition low – GO THE EXTRA MILE!

Seek out those people who are active in your business and help THEM help the people in their downstream see progress and profit. When people are realizing progress they are not going to be so quick to jump into another program no matter how good it may look. Every qualified member in your business is high value – Even if they as yet have not sponsored anyone, they have the potential to. They are there and it is a lot easier to work with them than go out and sponsor someone else isn’t it? Other than your key players, all most of the people in your network need is personal contact from you to get activated. Make a list of the most active to the least active and make some phone calls. Send out a personal e-mail to them letting them know who you are and that you are a business builder, coach and mentor with your program and you are more than willing to help them reach their lifestyle and financial goals. Include in that e-mail 3 methods that have successfully helped people increase their income with your program and that you are willing to personally guide them through all the steps. You can easily do this through e-mail, over the phone or video conference. Make contact and stick to them.

In todays economy every member of your team is high value and there are a few Power Builders in there and all they need to start building their business is your contact and mentoring!

To Your Success!



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